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Arief Anshori Yusuf

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Universitas Padjadjaran

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Arief Anshory Yusuf is Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, Padjadjaran University, Indonesia, Visiting Professor at Department of International Development of King’s College London, Honorary Senior Lecturer at Crawford School of Public Policy of the Australian National University and a Non-resident Senior Research Fellow at United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER). He received his Bachelor in Economics from Padjadjaran University, MSc from University College London, and PhD from the Australian National University. His research focuses on the economic development, particularly on poverty and inequality as well as on the interlinkage between economy and the environment. He is also well-known for his expertise in economic modeling particularly computable general equilibrium (CGE) modeling. He is Founding Director of the Center for Sustainable Development Goals Studies (SDGs Center) of Padjajaran University. He has been consultant to various organization such as ADB, UNESCAP, OECD, the World Bank, IDRC as well as advisor to various Indonesian government agencies. Prof. Yusuf is on the editorial board of Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (BIES), a member of the Indonesian Young Academy of Science (ALMI) and the current President of Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA).

Publikasi Relevan
  • PIRMANA, V., ALISJAHBANA, A.S., YUSUF, A.A., HOEKSTRA, R. TUKKER, A.. "Environmental costs assessment for improved environmental-economic account for Indonesia". Journal of Cleaner Production. 2020.
  • SEN, K., SUMNER, A. YUSUF, A.. "Double Dividends and Mixed Blessings: Structural Transformation, Income Inequality and Employment Dynamics". Journal of Development Studies. 2020, vol 56, volume. 9, p. 1638-1642.
  • SIYARANAMUAL, M., AMALIA, M., YUSUF, A. ALISJAHBANA, A.. "Consumers’ willingness to pay for electricity service attributes: A discrete choice experiment in urban Indonesia". Energy Reports. 2020, vol 6, p. 562-571.
  • YUSUF, A.A., SHIDIQ, A.R. HARIYADI, H.. "On socio-economic predictors of religious intolerance: evidence from a large-scale longitudinal survey in the largest muslim democracy". Religions. 2020, vol 11, volume. 1,
  • ANNA, Z., YUSUF, A.A., ALISJAHBANA, A.S., GHINA, A.A RAHMA, . "Are fishermen happier? Evidence from a large-scale subjective well-being survey in a lower-middle-income country". Marine Policy. 2019, vol 106,
  • YUSUF, A.A.. "The direct and indirect effect of cash transfers: the case of Indonesia". International Journal of Social Economics. 2018, vol 45, volume. 5, p. 792-806.
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  • MIT-Indonesia Research Alliance (MIRA) 2019

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